This is a track from my Blind Hogs & Acorns CD that's for sale on the Music Page here. Those fabulous background vocals are coming from my good friend, Lari White.


Bury The Shovel (Chuck Jones/Chris Arms)

Got a long list of things to do
It begins and ends with gettin' over you
I can't quit until I'm through
I get up with the sun and go down with the moon, cause

Pain and tears
Can't be all there is
Is it any wonder
I'm feelin' six feet under
Baby you're nothin' but too much trouble
Gonna bury this love and bury the shovel

Gonna dig me a hole and make it deep
Gonna lay down what's left of us and put this thing to sleep
Gonna let my soul rest in peace
Gonna nail down the lid on these stone cold memories, cause

Repeat Chorus